Welcome to the Nord Neurogenomics Lab

Our research explores gene regulatory circuits and chromatin dynamics in the brain, studying how these features contribute to brain development, evolution, and function. We apply a combination of genomics, mouse- and cell-based models, and human genetics. Our work is rooted in basic and translational science, with an ultimate goal of understanding the biological components of human diseases and disorders of the brain and improving clinical care of afflicted individuals. To that end, we perform both experimental work and computational analysis to reveal function of primary DNA sequence, epigenomic modifications, and chromatin structure.

Research Areas

  • Enhancers as mediators of development and disease
  • Gene regulation in brain development, evolution, and function
  • Genetic models of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders
  • Development and implementation of genomic applications

Our main space is located at the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience.

We are always looking for motivated undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs who are interested in joining the group.

Last pre-pandemic lab lunch in 2020

Last pre-pandemic lab lunch in 2020

Mouse models of brain disorders

Genetics and genomics of neurodevelopment