NEW COURSE FOR SPRING 2018 – Genes and the Brain




For students interested in BIS 101 (Winter 2018) and genetics:

  • My research on the role of genetics in brain evolution, development, and function informs my teaching
  • My research group seeks to understand the role of DNA in:
    • Programming the structure of the human brain
    • Causing disorders such as autism, epilepsy, and schizophrenia
    • Enabling cognition, learning, and memory
  • My BIS101 section covers the basics of genetics with extra emphasis on human biology
  • BIS101 students will learn and apply core genetics concepts to understand:
    • How our genomes shape ourselves, from disease to evolution
    • How genetics has transformed the diagnosis and treatment of human disease
    • Contemporary issues, e.g. personalized medicine, recreational genetics and gene editing
  • For students interested in research opportunities: I mentor UCD undergrads in my lab, where they get the opportunity to learn and apply molecular genetics, genomics, and neuroscience and to contribute to our research
  • Email with questions about BIS101 or research opportunities

I will teach a new NPB elective in Spring 2018 on genetics in development and disorders of the brain. Please contact me if you would like to be notified once I have registration details.


UCD Courses – Instructor of Record:

  • BIS101, Genes and Gene Expression (Winter 2017)
  • GGG292, Genomics and Epigenetics Seminar Course (Fall 2017)
  • GGG290A, Student Seminar (Fall 2017)
  • BIS101, Genes and Gene Expression (Fall 2015)

UCD Guest Lectures:

  • UCD SOM Psychiatry Residents, Neuroscience for Clinicians (Winter 2017)
  • UCD Genome Center Genomics Workshop (June 2016)
  • GGG250, Functional Genomics: From Bench to Bedside (Spring 2016)