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Graduate student Linda Su-Feher abstract selected for talk at the Society for Neuroscience meeting

Graduate student Linda Su-Feher’s abstract was selected for a talk at the nanosymposium “Genomic Engineering Using Enhancers or CRISPR” at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) meeting in Chicago. She will present our work on developing a functional enhancer assay to test DNA sequences for enhancer activity in vivo in mouse brain. Meet with Linda and other members of the Nord lab at SfN.

Congratulations to all the undergrad researchers who presented their work at the 2019 UC Davis URC

Six members of our lab were among the 702 undergraduate researchers in all academic fields who presented their research, scholarship and creative activities on April 26th and 27th. Our wonderful team members excelled in the first day presenting posters of their research on Scn1a and Chd8 mutants. Congratulations to Diana Quintero and Samrawit Agezew who presented posters of their work on Scn1a mutant mice, and also to Hafsa Mir and Ellie Kreun who presented posters on their Chd8 relevant projects. Paris Beauregard also shined the last day in front of a big and broad audience presenting her initial findings on the role of Chd8 in adult neurogenesis. Go Nord lab Undergrads!

Chd8 Meta-Analysis Published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience

A new Nord lab paper was published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience on January 14th, 2019. Ayanna Wade (graduate student) is first author on the paper with Rinaldo Catta-Pretta (graduate student) and Justin Lim (technician) as co-authors. This work featuring comparative analysis of Chd8 RNA-seq and ChIP-seq datasets suggests conserved high confidence Chd8 genomic targets are related to transcriptomic pathology in Chd8 mutation and knockdown models. Find the paper here.

Nord Lab at SfN 2018

Lots of Nord lab posters at SfN this year, which was in San Diego from November 3rd to 7th. Posters covered our latest work on traumatic brain injury (Iva Zdilar), maternal immune activation (Cesar Canales), Dlx transcription factors (Rinaldo Catta-Preta), embryonic basal ganglia regulatory networks (Linda Su-Feher), Scn1a mutations (Alex Nord), in-utero electroporation of CACNA1C (Jess Haigh), and Chd8 mutations (Ayanna Wade with guest presenter, Mihailo, born in September).

Ayanna Wade Helps Coordinate Science Outreach Symposium

Ayanna, as a fellow in the Professors for the Future program, helped coordinate a symposium titled, “Science Outreach: How to Increase the Impact of Your Work,” on May 8th, 2019 as a part of her PFTF project. Invited speakers from UC Davis and the Bay Area shared their experiences performing STEM outreach in hopes to inspire an audience of future outreach coordinators. The event was a great success with both experienced and novice attendees learning helpful information.

Ayanna Wade Attends CSH Genomics Statistics Course

Graduate student Ayanna Wade attended the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory course titled, “Statistical Methods for Functional Genomics,” where she learned both traditional and cutting-edge big-data analysis methods from leaders in the field. Ayanna attended the course from June 28th to July 11th, 2019 and was supported by two travel awards from the Helmsley Charitable Trust and the UC Davis Neuroscience Ling-Lie Chau Graduate Student Award for Brain Research. Link to course found here.

CSHL: Biology of Genomes 2018

Graduate student Ayanna Wade and Postdoc Jason Lambert represented the Nord lab by presenting posters at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s annual Biology of Genomes meeting held May 8th-12th in Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

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