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Jacqueline Crawley, Ph.D., David Segal, Ph.D., Karen Jones, Ph.D., Alex Nord, Ph.D., David Amaral, Ph.D., Randi Hagerman, M.D. met to discuss the promises and pitfalls of translational animal models in neurodevelopment at the UC Davis MIND Institue’s Research Seminar Series in Sacramento, CA. Watch their presentations followed by a Q & A session with the audience below.



Diana Quintero Awarded UC Davis MARC/BSHARP Fellowship

Congratulations to Diana Quintero, an undergraduate in the Nord lab, for being accepted to UC Davis’s Biology Scholars Advanced Research Program (BSHARP)! BSHARP is a two-year research-intensive program designed to increase the number of talented underrepresented, disadvantaged and disabled students who become leaders in areas relevant to biomedical and behavioral research. The program provides students with intensive research experiences as well as with activities that enhance their critical thinking and communication skills and prepares them for entry into high quality PhD (and MD/PhD) programs. BSHARP is funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Maximizing Access to Research Career (MARC) Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research Award (U-STAR).

Justin Lim recently won a national championship in Ultimate Frisbee with the San Francisco men’s team, Revolver. The fast paced sport, which mixes elements from soccer and football took place in Sarasota, FL late this October. Teams from all over the country competed, and after a close 13-10 win over Raleigh in the semifinal, San Francisco handily won the final 15-7. You can view a video recap of the final here:

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