University of California, Davis

Author: emfenton

UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference

Neha, Melissa, Daniela, and Amina, presented posters, and Darlene gave a research talk at the UC Davis undergraduate research conference. The engagement was incredible and the presenters were busy for their entire time slots! It was a great opportunity to present months of hard work and answer challenging questions.

Cross Training at UCSF

Ethan Fenton, 2nd year Neuroscience PhD student in the Nord lab, traveled to UCSF to learn some genomics techniques from Dr. Susan Lindtner from the lab of Dr. John Rubenstein. A huge thank you to Susan, knowledge exchange across universities and labs is an excellent way to lift everyone up and an important part of learning the field!

Ethan Fenton presents at the Human Genetics Focus Group

With a wide range of topics such as human diseases, anthropology, and genetic engineering, and development employing various methods of investigation such as molecular biology, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence based analysis methods, the Human Genetics Focus Group brings together diverse teams. Sharing your work here is a great way to get expert insight from multiple perspectives and spur creativity!