University of California, Davis

Author: slouis

Alex Nord Awarded NARSAD Young Investigator Grant

Our application for work studying gene regulation and epigenetics in an environmental mouse model of schizophrenia was selected for a NARSAD Young Investigator Grant from the Brain and Behavior Foundation ( We are interested in how maternal immune challenge is related to schizophrenia in offspring, and will be using functional genomics to test the hypothesis that the link is via epigenetic changes in the developing brain.

Nord Lab Moves into the UCD CNS

After lurking in the Genome Center for the first nine months (thanks, Dave Segal and everyone in the Segal Lab!) we have moved in to our space at the Center for Neuroscience. First PCRs completed and we’re off and running.

Welcoming Linda Su-Feher and Ravi Dandekar

Linda Su-Feher (Ph.D., BMCDB) and Ravi Dandekar (M.Sc., IGG) are the intrepid first graduate students in the lab. Linda will be working on functional enhancer testing in vivo in mouse and Ravi on structure and function of non-coding RNA genes.