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Author: tlwarren

Research profiling genetic underpinnings of endophenotypes in psychotic disorders published in Molecular Psychiatry

PhD student Tracy Warren’s new paper dissecting the genetic profiles of endophenotypes in psychotic disorders is out now in Molecular Psychiatry! This study, done in collaboration with Dr. Pak Sham at the University of Hong Kong and Dr. Cam Carter at UC Davis and UC Irvine, uses pathway polygenic risk scores to dissect the convergent pathways taken toward psychiatric symptoms in 205 human subjects with a psychotic disorder and 115 controls. Major findings include associations of glutamatergic and GABAergic deficits with negative symptoms and cognitive control abnormalities, as well as associations of dopaminergic deficits with improved likelihood of response to antipsychotic medications.

Read the official paper in Molecular Psychiatry or the news item published by the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences today!

Preprint of neurotransmitter polygenic risk for psychosis symptoms out on medRxiv!

Tracy Warren’s recent co-first author manuscript is now out as a preprint on medRxiv! This collaborative project between the Nord Lab, the Carter Lab at UC Davis Medical Center, and the Sham Lab at the University of Hong Kong, assessed how polygenic risk for schizophrenia that affects different neurotransmitter pathways is associated with different symptom profiles in humans with psychotic disorders. Major findings include that subjects with increased glutamatergic risk variants tended to have more severe cognitive control symptoms, subjects with increased dopaminergic risk were better candidates for antipsychotic medication, and unsupervised clustering on subject phenotypes identified groups that differed primarily by severity of positive symptoms, negative symptoms, and cognitive symptoms. These clusters showed different profiles of genetic risk and different responsiveness to antipsychotic medication.

Check out the preprint here!
Association of neurotransmitter pathway polygenic risk with specific symptom profiles in psychosis | medRxiv

Tracy Warren wins travel award to attend Wellcome Trust conference in Cambridge, UK!

Tracy was awarded the Barbara Chapman Neuroscience travel award to attend the Wellcome Trust’s 2023 Genomics of Brain Disorders meeting in Cambridge, UK. At the conference, Tracy presented her findings on differential symptomatology within psychotic disorders that are associated with risk converging upon distinct neurotransmitter pathways. A preprint of this research is available on medRxiv: Association of neurotransmitter pathway polygenic risk with specific symptom profiles in psychosis | medRxiv