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Cross Training at UCSF

Ethan Fenton, 2nd year Neuroscience PhD student in the Nord lab, traveled to UCSF to learn some genomics techniques from Dr. Susan Lindtner from the lab of Dr. John Rubenstein. A huge thank you to Susan, knowledge exchange across universities and labs is an excellent way to lift everyone up and an important part of learning the field!

Ethan Fenton presents at the Human Genetics Focus Group

With a wide range of topics such as human diseases, anthropology, and genetic engineering, and development employing various methods of investigation such as molecular biology, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence based analysis methods, the Human Genetics Focus Group brings together diverse teams. Sharing your work here is a great way to get expert insight from multiple perspectives and spur creativity!

Undergraduate Researcher Melissa Corea is a new recipient of NSF LSAMP/CAMP scholarship.

Melissa Corea is a second-year undergrad in the Nord Lab, majoring in Genetics and Genomics, who has recently been accepted as a scholar in the NSF LSAMP/California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) Program. This program is designed to increase the number of underrepresented students pursuing research in STEM fields by working on faculty-sponsored research projects. As a first-gen, Latina student, Melissa is thrilled to have the resources and support of this program behind her in continuing her undergraduate research experience and in preparing for graduate school.

“I am very grateful to have been admitted into the program and I’m excited to continue my research experience with the Nord Lab”! – Congratulations Melissa!

Nord Lab at ABRCMS

For over 20 years, the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Scientists (ABRCMS) has been the go-to conference for underrepresented community college, undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This year, our postbac PREP scholar Kiya Jackson, along with undergraduate researchers Darlene Rahbarian and Luis Farrach, represented the Nord Lab by participating in the conference that took place from November 9-12, in Anaheim, CA. They presented posters with their contributions to the ongoing Disease Modeling and Enhancer Biology projects in our lab. “I really enjoyed my experience at ABRCMS because I was able to gain a better sense of self belonging in the field of science and learned a lot from other research-oriented students” said Dalene Rahbarian. “My favorite part about attending ABRCMS was networking with scientists from diverse fields and stages of their scientific careers. This was also my third in-person conference after a couple years of virtual events. I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact and present my research” commented Kiya Jackson. Well done Nord lab trainees!


Nicolas Seban presents at ASHG2022 and SFN2022

Second year Neuroscience graduate student shares ongoing research on a single nucleus RNAseq model of the developing brain in a novel mutant WAC mouse at the annual meetings of the American Society for Human Genetics conference in Los Angeles, CA and the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, CA. This project was in collaboration with the Vogt Lab at Michigan State University.

Ana Santos was accepted into the Autism Research Training Program

Ana, a new postdoc in the lab, was accepted into the competitive Autism Research Training Program (ARTP) hosted at the MIND Institute starting in the Fall. She will receive additional training on the diverse and interdisciplinary clinical and research approaches in Autism. She will have the opportunity to attend lecture series and training opportunities such as a career development course, the ARTP retreat, and to make new colleagues. Congratulations!

Stephanie Lozano awarded MCB T32 training grant

After presenting an original research proposal on her work involving snRNA-seq analysis of Chd8 mutant mouse cortex, second year graduate student Stephanie was asked to participate in the highly reputable MCB T32 training program as a fully funded trainee. Well done Stephanie!

Rinaldo Catta-Preta was the lead organizer of the Northern California Computational Biology Annual Symposium, hosted at UC Davis

Rinaldo Catta-Preta, alongside the other members of the organizing committee (photo), hosted this year’s event at Gladys Valley Hall at UC Davis on October 12, 2019. Around 100 students, postdocs and faculty members, working with or interested in computational biology, attended the meeting and watched the cutting-edge work presented as talks and posters. Attendance this year included some southern California UC campi, other states, and Canada, besides northern California universities. The organizing committee was made up from students from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Merced, UC San Francisco, and Stanford University. Bradley Jenner, intern at Nord Lab, presented a poster.

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